Activating Communities for Change – Region 10

We know that policy work is important for creating lasting change, but how do we navigate and impact a regulatory landscape that can be confusing and at times fraught with hidden pitfalls? This four-session distance learning series offers participants with an interactive opportunity to explore the prevention and regulatory landscape in order to better understand the system, analyze the current state of laws and regulations, and work toward activating your community for change.

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Getting Ready for Sustainability Planning – R10 .

This 7-week distance learning series offers participants a unique, interactive experience to explore how to develop a sustainability plan.

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Leveraging Systems Change for Substance Misuse Prevention – R10

Participants will examine capacities shown to enable evidence-based interventions to achieve and sustain expected results and learn how to incorporate these into their work.

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Organizational Elements of Effective Coalitions – Region 10.

Participants will explore a variety of organizational principles that will assist them in the overall development of their coalition by learning more about how to engage and sustain the involvement of key stakeholders and members over time, how to utilize dynamic group-development strategies, and how their efforts can connect with other coalition efforts in their area.

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Prevention Ethics – Region 10.

This 4-week series offers a unique interactive experience that explores the six principles of the Prevention Code of Ethics using realistic examples designed to strengthen participants’ abilities to manage challenging situations in their work. The learning series is structured to also provide online consultation, skill-based learning and practice, group and individual activities, reading assignments, and discussion on topics essential to application of an ethical decision-making process.

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