Full day training during the North Dakota Addiction Counselors Association Annual Conference:

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Technology-Based Supervision: Extending the Reach of Clinical Supervisors. Although clinical​ ​supervision has been shown to decrease staff turnover, improve morale, and lead to better​ ​client outcomes, scheduling sessions can be challenging, especially in frontier/rural areas. To​ ​address some of the barriers to conducting supervision, this training examines how technology​ ​can be used to review and provide feedback on counselors’ skills, thereby enhancing the clinical​ ​skills of the behavioral health workforce. Designed for individuals with experience working as​ ​Clinical Supervisors in the behavioral health field, the goal of this training is to familiarize​ ​participants with technology-based clinical supervision research, demonstrate its utility in​ ​frontier/rural clinical settings, and provide opportunities to observe and practice delivery of​ ​clinical supervision services using different types of technology.
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